Ahhh…Scheduling In Some Lazy Time

July 3, 2011

It’s Saturday and I’ve been in need of a nap for some weeks now.  I have a TON of things to do but decided that I’m going to do something for me today.  It feels nice.  The house is empty and it is really quiet.  I decide on an organic fruit smoothie and vegging out in front of the TV. (I don’t think that counts as a serving of veggies does it?)

Ok, all set.  I snuggle in, grab the remote, have a mind-tangent and think to myself: “Should I just get to work upstairs?”  I answer myself quickly before I talk myself out of it.  No!  I’m going to have this!  It will certainly do my work (and my body) a well of good.”






You’ll never guess.

The remote battery is not working.  grr!  I have to get up!  As I do, I think to myself “Is this a sign?  This is a sign.  I should be working.  I really think that I should get busy.  If I don’t it will pile up and that’s not good. You see?  What made you think that you should be relaxing at a time like this anyway?  I should really just work….” The conversation doesn’t end until I have the new batteries in place and sit back down.  Now that I’m back and the remote is good to go, I have a think twice.  After all, when you are beyond a nap two weeks hence you just have these lapses of – Ahhhh.  Ok, just do it.  Relax!




Are you kidding me?  You are kidding me.  The remote is broken!  Ugh!  I sit there dumbfounded sure as sure can be that this is DEFINITELY a sign!  As I’m engrossed in changing gears in my head (which happens very quickly for me when it comes to work) all of a sudden as I take a straw full of the organic love in my cup I hear a voice…A calm, soothing, familiar voice.  No, not my own voice in my head.  And no, not God’s voice either.  Though one could argue that it could be God speaking through this voice.  In this case probably not literally but certainly in some etherial way.  Who’s the voice?  It’s Owen Wilson!  Doesn’t he have one of those really familiar voices?  The kind that you just connect with and feel like you’ve known him forever?  At least it sounds that way in his opening monologue to this movie.  I am thrilled that just as I am thinking of getting back to work something out of the clear blue – well, TV – yanks me out of my head and back to relax mode.  I nestle in to a great movie.  Marley and Me.  One of those movies that I so relate to.  I sink in and enjoy the relaxation and feel re-energized again…What a nice heart rock to find today…

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