Music Makin’ Wild Honey Pie – Sweeeeeeet!

July 5, 2011

I came across the coolest heart rock today!  Not sure exactly how I found them but then again, I’m so in the moment that I hardly remember details like that.  (and I only care that I found them!)  So this site, The Wild Honey Pie is a cool fusion of hipster meets musical genius.  I saw one video and it was of them piling into some room – seems like in NYC and stringing up some light bulbs, gathering on the bed, and putting soul into the groovy mix of poetry and a string of notes.  Something they call Freelance Whale Sessions!

Oh – flashback – I think I must have seen this posted on Twitter!  Because the words “freelance whale sessions” made me think I’d be listening to a bunch of whales singing in some ultra omg way.  But instead I was pleasantly surprised to find Eric Weiner and friends whaling it up to smooth grooves!

Check them out here and make sure to friend, like and share them!  Stuff like this doesn’t happen everyday and I totally appreciate the art n soul these guys (and gals) have.

Check Out Freelance Whale Sessions Here!


4 Responses to “Music Makin’ Wild Honey Pie – Sweeeeeeet!”

  1. Eric Weiner Says:

    Love it! Thanks so much for checking out our sessions and for being as excited about them as I am!

    • findingheartrocks Says:

      Aloha from Hawaii Eric! I’m so fascinated now that I signed up for your newsletter – I am starting to understand it all better and have been sharing you all around here. I come from a musical family and grew up sitting in places while my grandfather took his sons and their friends around to gigs (they were called the Coachmen and kinda sounded like the Beatles and 3 Dog Night), then having family parties filled with music jamming sessions – I”m talkin making up songs, banging on pots and pans, the uke, guitar and blowing on bottles – you name it – all amongst the most beautiful voices. That video totally reminded me of that! I’m excited to unfold this new relationship I have with your site! Very VERY cool stuff! here’s something for ya – my cousin… You guys should come to Hawaii and film something here!

      • Eric Weiner Says:

        Thanks!!! Really great to hear all of that. I wish I could go to Hawaii. Cash is a bit short at the moment. What’s your Twitter handle?

      • findingheartrocks Says:

        i mostly tweet @akemihealth for biz. @liakemi is a more personal one but i’ve been less tweety there. hey, do you know jason poole? not sure what he sounds like other than his hawaiian music – he’s from nyc and i met him thru another health coach. he lost his voice and then came to hawaii and found it again…healed – hawaiian style. maybe you can do something with him there. not sure if you just do a certain style? i love learning about what you do and would love to see this go around the world to all kinds of cool hidden authentic music gems. (so lost these days!) you bring the ❤ back to music! keep in touch! maybe my biz savvy can help somehow.

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