Found this really cool heart rock today…a food blogger in the UK who makes delish dishes on a budget while sharing conversation and a snapshot into his kitchen. He posted a question about Quinoa on my other blog and I was pleasantly surprised when I went to check out his blog!

Definitely a keeper for the heart rock collection!

See his mouth watering yums and recipes here!


I don’t know what I love more…the umbrellas falling through the tree or the sweet music coming from it.  Maybe I just love the way they both come together….You have to experience this one by the Wild Honey Pie:



My first Buzzsession as a Brooklyn-native took place a couple weeks ago with singer-songwriter Rosi Golan. The Israeli-born songstress took to the park where she settled under a tree that was miraculously adorned with at least ten umbrellas of all different colors. There she performed two captivating tracks: Paper Tiger and Flicker. Watch both videos below, and as a special treat as we do with all of our videos, down the MP3s via SoundCloud for free as well!


This is the kind of Heart Rock that I find that I just appreciate and kind of stare at for a while. Keeping it in the collection helps me to appreciate the good people that give our crazy world the love and inspiration it so needs…

See the story about Caylee’s Song here.

Somewhere between Sunday and Monday a gadget appeared.  Not just ANY gadget.  No, no!  This is the super amazing wowee serious uber intelligent extremely cool gadget!  It not only does a billion tricks, it takes your picture, video tapes you and then instantly blog posts it, Tweets it and posts it on FB!  What the??????

Meet Melvin…

Go on, watch for yourself.  His video will amaze you and you’ll want to meet him in person!  Thanks HeyHeyHey for sharing your Creative Genius with me!

Melvin The Magical Mixed Media Machine from HEYHEYHEY on Vimeo.

It’s Saturday and I’ve been in need of a nap for some weeks now.  I have a TON of things to do but decided that I’m going to do something for me today.  It feels nice.  The house is empty and it is really quiet.  I decide on an organic fruit smoothie and vegging out in front of the TV. (I don’t think that counts as a serving of veggies does it?)

Ok, all set.  I snuggle in, grab the remote, have a mind-tangent and think to myself: “Should I just get to work upstairs?”  I answer myself quickly before I talk myself out of it.  No!  I’m going to have this!  It will certainly do my work (and my body) a well of good.”






You’ll never guess.

The remote battery is not working.  grr!  I have to get up!  As I do, I think to myself “Is this a sign?  This is a sign.  I should be working.  I really think that I should get busy.  If I don’t it will pile up and that’s not good. You see?  What made you think that you should be relaxing at a time like this anyway?  I should really just work….” The conversation doesn’t end until I have the new batteries in place and sit back down.  Now that I’m back and the remote is good to go, I have a think twice.  After all, when you are beyond a nap two weeks hence you just have these lapses of – Ahhhh.  Ok, just do it.  Relax!




Are you kidding me?  You are kidding me.  The remote is broken!  Ugh!  I sit there dumbfounded sure as sure can be that this is DEFINITELY a sign!  As I’m engrossed in changing gears in my head (which happens very quickly for me when it comes to work) all of a sudden as I take a straw full of the organic love in my cup I hear a voice…A calm, soothing, familiar voice.  No, not my own voice in my head.  And no, not God’s voice either.  Though one could argue that it could be God speaking through this voice.  In this case probably not literally but certainly in some etherial way.  Who’s the voice?  It’s Owen Wilson!  Doesn’t he have one of those really familiar voices?  The kind that you just connect with and feel like you’ve known him forever?  At least it sounds that way in his opening monologue to this movie.  I am thrilled that just as I am thinking of getting back to work something out of the clear blue – well, TV – yanks me out of my head and back to relax mode.  I nestle in to a great movie.  Marley and Me.  One of those movies that I so relate to.  I sink in and enjoy the relaxation and feel re-energized again…What a nice heart rock to find today…

Find Marley and Me on Amazon

Nature has a way…

April 17, 2009

Beautiful tulips growing wild in our garden in Reading, Berkshire, UK

Beautiful tulips growing in the garden in Reading, Berkshire, United Kingdom.

A shy yellow tulip opening up to a warm Spring morning in Berkshire.

A shy yellow tulip opening up to a warm Spring morning in Berkshire.

Isn’t it wonderful how nature has a way of letting us know what time it is?  It is amazing to me how God has masterfully crafted everything so perfectly and really thought of everything down to the very last detail!

I love tulips telling me that Spring is here. They are so accepting and perfectly stated no matter what the occasion. They are intelligent by design as they feel the sunlight and, like us, respond with openness to its warmth!

Their fame goes back to the 16th Century, after having arrived in Europe from its Persian and Turkish popular art and cultural roots.  The trademark “turban” appearance and dark inner “heart” expressly bloomed a tulip mania in the Netherlands that caused a market crash!

An early 16th Century Dutch catalog documented tulip bulbs that would produce the “Viceroy” tulip to be worth 3000 and 4200 florins based on the size.  To give you an idea of what that kind of worth that meant:  A skilled craftsman in 1637 earned approximately 300 florins annually!

As with roses, the colour of tulips carry meaning as well.  Red ~ Perfect Love, White ~ Forgiveness, Yellow ~ Joy, Purple ~ Royalty.

Tulips are simple and sweet, strong and decisive.  They are a gardener’s wonderment and a flower lover’s delight!