Just started a Facebook page called Finding Heart Rocks! Someone suggested that I start it and have people pose pictures of the heart rocks they find from all over the world. That should be pretty fun-o. I have been doing that since I was little along with so many other things in the shape of hearts so I’m going to be open to whatever washes up on shore! It should go hand in hand {i’m sure} with great stories attached to them!

Looking forward to seeing all those great pics. Go to the FB page and post away!


I came across the coolest heart rock today!  Not sure exactly how I found them but then again, I’m so in the moment that I hardly remember details like that.  (and I only care that I found them!)  So this site, The Wild Honey Pie is a cool fusion of hipster meets musical genius.  I saw one video and it was of them piling into some room – seems like in NYC and stringing up some light bulbs, gathering on the bed, and putting soul into the groovy mix of poetry and a string of notes.  Something they call Freelance Whale Sessions!

Oh – flashback – I think I must have seen this posted on Twitter!  Because the words “freelance whale sessions” made me think I’d be listening to a bunch of whales singing in some ultra omg way.  But instead I was pleasantly surprised to find Eric Weiner and friends whaling it up to smooth grooves!

Check them out here and make sure to friend, like and share them!  Stuff like this doesn’t happen everyday and I totally appreciate the art n soul these guys (and gals) have.

Check Out Freelance Whale Sessions Here!